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The reviews and testimonials below reveal what CCS current and former clients and their loved ones have been saying about us all alone. We wanted to share these with you on what they are saying about our staff, treatment center, and services. Our referral sources have provided enlightening feedback on our services as well. Help is only a phone call away.

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Comprehensive Counseling Solutions
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 15 reviews
by Ukeme on Comprehensive Counseling Solutions

This light from CCS are words of advice, counsel, encouragement, compassion, and wisdom, enables me to see clearly; not just the place on the road where I am now, but what lies far ahead and what awaits me in this journey. They help me see the finish line, the goal, which is the reward of a life well lived.

by Ukeme on Comprehensive Counseling Solutions

CCS is best represented by a rest stop. A place along the way where I have been able to rest in a shade shielding me from the sun and rain- elements of life. I have been able to regroup, review my traveling directions, get more precise directions, refuel, and evaluate my motivations to keep going. Here in this place of rest and refocus, I am also cautioned about obstacles and rough places ahead and how to navigate safely around them.

by Timothy on Comprehensive Counseling Solutions

The CCS staff is always respectful.

by Milton on Comprehensive Counseling Solutions

I have gotten a lot from CCS services such as to listen, listen, listen and learning about conflict resolution and mental illness. They also introduced me to A.A. and N.A. meetings. They brought me back to life.

by Juan on Comprehensive Counseling Solutions

I was once in love with marijuana. I used to smoke the drug to feel good and separate myself to another level. I became free from it in my sobriety and I haven’t looked back! Being sober has even inspired me to drop my cigarette habit. I can honestly say that my heart is with CCS staff.

by Joe on Comprehensive Counseling Solutions

I cried to my God because my life was unmanageable and I didn’t know how to stop doing the things I didn’t won’t to do, but I kept doing it. With the help of my program here at CCS, I can see that I am on the right path to recovery. My counseling team at CCS shows me lots of love.

by Vanessa on Comprehensive Counseling Solutions

I came to CCS to do a self-evaluation and hoped to get answers and support from the staff and my peers. Today, I am on all my mental health medication, clean and sober, and have obtained a new knowledge of myself and my recovery. But most of all, I have obtained a network of support and I am learning to live life on life terms.

by Richard on Comprehensive Counseling Solutions

When I came to CCS last May, I was at the lowest point of my life. I was in a very dark place. I was tired of being alone and I didn’t care if I lived or died. After being at CCS for about 30 days, I wanted to live again and I did. The services have been wonderful at CCS and I am truly grateful.

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