Family Care


We know families play an important role in the clinical treatment and aftercare planning for our clients. We are committed to meeting you and your family’s needs, and attending to your concerns as we work together to help you and your loved ones recover. The goal of the Family Care Program is to help family members become educated about mental health wellness, behavior issues, substance use disorders and their treatment, to learn how best to be supportive to their loved ones, to learn the most effective ways to cope with having an addicted or mental health family member, and to connect you with community supports and other options for self-care.

We encourage family members to participate in the family care program while their family member(s) or loved one is a client at our CCS facility.

Currently, we offer an array of family adult services to meet these goals. They include:

  • Family Assessment (Understanding a client’s triggers to use substances and gain more knowledge of the client’s family background to help the client towards a drug free lifestyle.)
  • Family Therapy Sessions in person or via telephone or via teleconference (An opportunity to meet with an addiction counselor and/or mental health therapist).
  • Weekly Family Education and Support Group (A counselor led group in which 15 or fewer clients and family members together explore their emotional responses to addictions and consider positive ways of managing those emotions).
  • Family Care Group (family members and significant others meet in a small group setting to discuss alcohol and substance usage and how addiction has impacted their lives. 
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