CORE Program


The Medicaid CORE Program will deliver Core Services to individuals age 5 years old and above who have Medicaid insurance (SSI, Amerigroup, Wellcare). The following are a listing of services:

Comprehensive Counseling Solutions (CCS) will provide services to individuals and families who require treatment for mental illnesses and/or addictive diseases, co-occurring disorders (substance abuse disorder and psychiatric disorder) and life skills training. The Core Services and treatments delivered to the individuals will be person centered. Services will place special focus on providing individuals with skills to face life challenges and recovery from mental illness and addictive disease disorders. Services will provide individuals with strong skills and strategies for relapse prevention from substance abuse. Services will also focus on skills to support individual and family recovery from dysfunctional lifestyles, emphasizing successful accomplishments that will help obtain and maintain healthcare, employment, and stabile housing. Individuals in the CORE program will be provided skills to live substance-free lives and become productive members of their communities. Individuals will be taught self-empowerment skills, which will support their wellness and self-recovery. CCS will accept referrals and provide assessments to determine if the level of care meets criteria of services offered. All individuals who do not meet criteria services for the CORE program will be provided appropriate referrals.

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