Child, Adolescent & Family Treatment

Child, Adolescent & Family Treatment

In The Home

Comprehensive Counseling Solutions serves children and adolescents from ages 5 and up by ensuring their safety and preventing their unnecessary removal from the home through individual therapy in the comfort of their home.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs Therapy?

Children can engage in a variety of behaviors that show they are struggling with their feelings. If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms below, then he/she may need therapy to resolve any underlying conflicts or to process their feelings.

  • Disruptive at home or in school
  • Impulsive
  • Angry
  • Getting along with peers
  • Doing poorly at school
  • Illness
  • Divorce transition
  • New addition to the family
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Easily frustrated
  • Bedwetting and/or daytime accidents
  • Difficulty making friends
  • Refusal to attend school
  • Learning disabilities
  • Loss of a friend or loved one
  • Engaging in risky & self-destructive behaviors

This is where we can help. Individual therapy provides a comfortable and safe environment where a child can explore difficult feelings and relieve distress. Through a therapeutic relationship, a child begins to understand his or her feelings, learn new ways of coping, and improve their self-esteem. The child will see our licensed Psychiatrist for medication management and their assigned Therapist on a regular basis to help him/her to resolve their underlying conflicts.

How Will I Participate In My Child’s Treatment?

CCS considers parental involvement to be a crucial component in every child’s therapy. Parents are our main source of information about their child’s development, behavior, and emotions. Parents are closely consulted regarding their child’s goals of treatment. CCS view parents as our partners in the treatment process and rely upon the parents to evaluate the effectiveness of their child’s therapy. From this, we need the parent(s) to attend their child’s doctor’s visits at the center, along with their therapist to ensure the child is represented in all aspects of their development and progress.

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